Our Forest School Vision

The School’s motto is for children to ‘be more amazing every day’. We also want our children to be amazed by the amazing world around them and to have learning opportunities that are enjoyable, creative, challenging and adventurous. Our Forest School gives children this opportunity. With an emphasis on child-led enquiry and reflection, children are active learners in the environment, where they take on ownership of ideas, work independently and apply learning in a real life context. As a result they are able to develop higher level thinking skills and the self-regulation necessary to become more successful learners in the classroom and to meet the challenges of everyday life.

For more information follow the links below:

What is Forest School ?  
How does Forest School work?  
What is ‘Nature-deficit Disorder’?
What do we do at Forest School? Using tools to create things with wood
Building shelters and dens and lighting fires.
   Cooking over the camp fire
   Connecting with nature
Responding to a story
What children say about Forest School?

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