When out all day at Forest School we often need to build a shelter for protection from bad weather. A shelter can mean that you can still have a fire and keep warm and dry in wet weather. We build a special type of fire called an upside down fire. We use a flint and steel with Vaseline and cotton wool to light our fire. When we leave the Forest School site, it is important to ‘leave no trace’. At the end of each session we thank the fire and each take a turn to reflect on the day and help to put out the remains of the fire with a cup of water. Sometimes we use Kelly kettles to boil water for our hot chocolate. This is particularly handy when we go to the beach. As well as proper shelters, one of our favourite things is building dens where we can hang out with our friends. Sometimes we have a competition to see who can build the strongest or most waterproof den.

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