Our Forest School is led by Jill Ferguson and the Forest School team: Lesley Corke (KS1 Leader), Shaun Parris and Nicola Fallon (Forest School Assistants). All staff have received appropriate training through Sussex Wildlife Trust and Jill is also trained as a Beach School Leader.

Every child in the school gets a five – six week block of Forest School each year and over the course of their time at school they will experience Forest School  during different seasons whatever the weather!. This means going into our woodland area one day a week to learn skills such as fire lighting, shelter building and cooking over a camp fire. Children also learn how to use different tools to make things out of wood and find out about the different plants and animals that exist in a woodland habitat. We are also lucky enough to have a wildlife pond and allotment area so children can do pond dipping and gardening as well. When possible we make use of local beaches and the surrounding village community so that children can also learn to appreciate the wider world around them.

Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development (SMSCD)

Forest School is central to supporting the school’s provision in the area of Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development (SMSCD). Spiritually, this includes helping children to consider their personal approach to Christian beliefs and values, to appreciate the wonder of the world around them and to develop a sense of personal responsibility towards the environment. At a moral level they develop values such as tolerance, respect and empathy and greater emotional intelligence through self-awareness, self-regulation. Socially, children earn to form effective relationships and develop skills in leadership and team work, exercising initiative and, taking responsibility. Forest School also provides many opportunities for cultural development through activities such as music, art, drama, poetry, science and technology.