In reception we often listen to and act out a story and then we do some activities linked to the story. Some of our favourites are:

We’re going on a Bear Hunt – It’s amazing how many bears and other kinds of creatures we find hiding in the woods. We talk about the animals you might find in a woodland and then build them homes using natural materials.

Room on a Broom – We make a giant broomstick for the witch and all her animals to fly on and then make magic potions that we mix together in our cauldrons. We then have to think of a spell to go with our potion that could help other people.

Stickman – We love making and painting our Stickmen. We make a Stickman family tree and then talk about how important families are. We also have to make up things that we could use a stick for.

The Gruffalo – We make Gruffalo caves and mini clay Gruffalos. We also make delicious Gruffalo crumble by mixing the Gruffalo’s crumbled body, his terrible teeth and tusks, his shrivelled eyes and his purple prickles together with a dollop of owl ice cream.

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